If love is blind, your skin is a poem written in brail. I may never understand every line, but I will read your goose bump words until i can no longer feel the difference between your flawlessly sculpted skin and my own. Teach me every texture of each syllable of your touch. I’ll take my fingertips and trace the letters on your ribcage to feel the rhythm of your heart. I’ll hold you like fragile art, finger your spine like the spine of an old book and kiss the metaphors from your lips.

Let the taste of your tongue dancing with mine be the playwright of our love story. Kiss me harder than Romeo and Juliet fell. Leave alcohol and ash on my breath. Breathe me in and hold me in your smokey lungs.

Guide me home with the Starry Night of your gaze. Paint the backdrop of my world with the galaxies that lie within you. Show me the colours that kiss the canvas of your soul and the craftwork of your spirit. Drown me in the seascapes of your eyes. I see fire within your heart. I wish you could see you how I do, because you’re etched into my eye lids and you fall between my paintbrush lashes.

Play me the symphonies of your laughter; the song i will never shake from my bones. Strum lullabies on my heart strings and serenade me with the melodies of your words. Lay your head on my chest and hear the heart that beats your name. I’ll sing you all the things I’m too afraid to say and I’ll hope you sing along. Our love is manuscript, compose something beautiful with me.

Art is Our Only Salvation From the Horror of Existence (via sanctu-a-r-y)
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